Using Social Media(Wechat,QQ,MoMo) to Find Escorts in Beijing

If cragislist or backpage is still the only way you can find escorts in beijing, then you are out. Nowadays, with the popularity of phone applications, more and more social media applications were created and used by young people. Wechat, Momo, iAround and QQ are all popular and frequently used by escorts all over China. That means there are more approaches to find an escort in beijing. The best sites for locating available girls are Momo and iAround, but they almost always direct you to a WeChat or QQ account for details. The Momo and iAround are used because of the distance feature, but soliciting accounts get banned quickly. That’s why they direct you to WeChat or QQ (which don’t get banned as much). This article will make a brief introduction of these phone apps and some
escort info in beijing.

Social Media Applications

1. QQ

QQ is the most popular personal communications app in history in China: over one billion registered users across more than 80 countries. You can meet up and chat with people from everywhere. Video calls, voice messages, texting with heaps of fun emoticons. The fun is always on with more than 100 million online users at any time. QQ is one of the most welcomed apps in China. A large amount of escorts in beijing use QQ to communicate with their clients. They only provide QQ number as their contact method. These escorts are also named as QQ girl or incall escorts. Besides, if you want to use QQ to chat with an escort, you’d better know Chinese language.

2. Wechat

Wechat is a new app which becomes popular recently. If you have no idea about how to use Wechat, you can read the article “How to Use WeChat (Weixin) Correctly“. It is available for all kinds of platforms. Wechat supports voice,photo,video and text messages and you can enjoy the group chatting. You can use the “search nearby” function to find the girls close to you when you are staying in hotel or in the street. Also, “voice message” makes the conversation between you and the escort girls more convenient.

3. Momo

Momo is a free location-based services instant messaging application for phones for chatting up nearby strangers. It provides free text messaging services. In addition, users can also send each other images, location information, and audio media messages. The usage of Momo is similar to Wechat. Due to the fact that many young escort girls are using Momo to find their clients, Momo is jokingly named as “a magical tool to get laid ”. Now, Momo has become synonymous with adult social networking.

4. iAround

iAroundiAround is designed for frequent travelers, to help and guide them explore new cities and make handy all possible and basic information like Restaurant, Cinema hall, Petrol pump, Bank, Hospital, Shopping Mall and other such important destinations easily and quickly. It gives real time information about places nearest to your current location and ensures you can find anything-everything around you at the click of a button.

Be careful of the Escort Scams

All these phone apps support the function of “searching nearby”, so it is quite convenient to searching the escorts around you. The price is usually 800 RMB for one pop. However, not all the “escorts“ are real which means some are just the scams. Anyone who seeks for escorts by social media should be careful of it. Here is an example of escort scam.

One expat came to beijing and found an escort with pretty pics on iAround. They agreed on the price for 800 RMB. When the girl came to his room, he found the girl was totally different from the one in pics. After the deed, the escort required extra 5000 RMB and threatened the expat if he did not pay the money, she would call her boss and brought some guys to cause troubles. The expat was scared and dared not to call the police because he did not want to be arrested for going whoring, so he did as what the escort girl said.

This kind of scam is common in China. When facing the threatening, the expat could call his hotel’s front desk for help but he didn’t, otherwise maybe the tragedy would not happen.

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