Top Spas for Couples in Beijing

massage spaThere are beauty salons that only receive females and leisure centers that only welcome males. But what is the best place for a couple? Is there a place that houses nice environment, atmosphere and service culture? Followings are some choices for your references.

1. I Spa(Upper East)
Address: B1, Trader’s Upper East Hotel, Xiaoyun Bridge, Chaoyang District
Phone: 010-5907-8877
Open Hours: 12am-12pm
Price: 592RMB per person
I Spa is one of the most authentic Thai spa in Beijing. Featuring considerate, comfortable and professional services, the I Spa(Upper East) houses 4 double rooms, 6 single rooms, a foot massage room and a Thai massage room. There is individual washroom, steam room and bath tub. All staffs speak English and are trained by Thai native. With the smell of essential oil unwinding you from head to toe, this place is perfect for couples. The Thai-style venue offers therapies such as oil massage, meridian massage, body scrub, flower bath, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, foot massage, full body massage, Thai massage and facial treatments. When the treatment is over, take advantage of the shower facilities and fluffy white robes.

2. Zen Spa
Address: Bldg 1, A8 Xiaowuji Road, Chaoyang District
Phone: 010- 8731-2530
Open Hours: 11am-11pm
Price: 980RMB per person
The Zen Spa is situated in a courtyard in Chaoyang District, with singing birds and fragrant flowers. The receptionists are enthusiastic and are fluent in English. The tranquil and neat place is decorated with tasteful designs, providing services such as oil massage, aromatherapy, foot massage, full body massage, detox massage, back massage, head massage, spa treatments and others. Traditional Thai Massage by Thai Therapists is 800RMB/90mins. Facial is 600RMB/90mins. Healing Massage is 500RMB/60mins. Swedish Massage is 450RMB/60mins. Guests can relax under the dimming light and soft music.

3. Heavenly Spa by Westin
Address: Westin Beijing Financial Street, 9B Financial Street, XiCheng District
Phone: 010- 6629-7878
Open Hours: 10am-10pm
Price: Heavenly Touch Massages 250-800RMB; Facials 575-650RMB
Featuring a creative blend of ancient Chinese-inspired philosophy with sophisticated spa technology, the Heavenly Spa at The Westin Beijing Chaoyang entices all the senses via aromatic oils, calm music and dimmed lighting. The luxurious spa center houses 4 single rooms and 2 double treatment suites. With warm colors and fabrics and natural elements, the Heavenly Spa by Westin creates a cozy ambiance for guests to relax. Featuring specialties such as Reflexology lounge, Yoga studio, Pilates Studio and Kinesis studio, the center provides services such as body treatments, facial treatments, hair treatments, yoga, sauna and signature massage therapies.

4. Dragonfly
Address: South Sanlitun road, Ground floor of Eastern Inn, Chaoyang District
Phone: 010- 6593-6066
Open Hours: 10am-1am
Price: 282RMB per person
As one of the most popular chains in the city, the Dragonfly offers the best massage and beauty treatments in Beijing. Featuring the most caring and consistent customer service and the most relaxing atmosphere, the Dragonfly provides the remedy to life. The Hangover Relief Massage is 240RMB. Happy Landing is 300RMB. You’ll be impressed with Dragonfly’s set up once you arrived. Enjoy the most spacious retreat in Beijing.

5. CHI Spa
Address: 5F, Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District
Phone: 010- 6841-2211 ext 6748
Open Hours: 10am-12pm
Price: 2,000RMB per person
Named after the universal life force, the CHI Spa located in the Shangri-La Hotel is a place of luxurious relaxation. Apart from the Empress Imperial Jade Journey and Jade Jewel Facial, the experienced and skillful therapists also provide a selection of treatments such as body massage, Asian wellness massage, healing stone massage, detoxifying lymphatic massage, aromatherapy massage, Yin yang harmonizing massage, Tuina massage and hydrotherapy.

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