Practical Massage Words Commonly Used in Some Massage Parlors


massageMassage is the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being. In China, it is one of the most popular relaxing activity which you should not miss when you come to this country. Be it after a long day of work or after your work out, massage is a good way to relax. Many of you must be shouting that you need one now. Get out of your seat and let’s learn about going for a massage. In China, in most massage parlor, you will need to communicate in Mandarin. Can you express your different requirements in terms of how you want your massage to be.

The following are some frequent “massage situations” that need language. You can look up the pronunciation (Pinyin) or by using another dictionary that you like better.

Other Massage Words Introduction:

Word About Position

Lying face down is 趴着(Pa zhe), this is the usual starting position for traditional Chinese massage. After a while, you may get tired of lying face down. You can say 我趴累了(wo pa lei le) and they will let you turn over. Or after a while, the massage therapists may tell you to turn over, which is 翻过来(fan guo lai). In some places, particularly those doing Thai style massage, the massage therapists will want you to lie face up to start. Face up is 躺着(Tang zhe). When all things are finished, the massage therapist will ask you to sit up on the table or sit on a stool nearby so that they can give some brief finishing touches to your head, neck, shoulders, and upper back between the shoulder blades. They will tell you “sit”, Chinese meaning is 请坐吧(Qing zuo ba), or sit up请坐起来(Qing zuo qi lai).

Word About Time

In general, the massage therapist will talk about 钟 instead of 分钟 or 小时. 钟 means “unit of time” and is usually one hour.

For example, if you get 90 minutes of work, which is said as 一个半钟(Yi ge ban zhong. They will usually still understand if you order in hours or minutes, but sometimes as the session progresses, the masseur may ask if you want to 加一个钟(Jia yi ge zgong),which is asking if you want to add another hour.

Ask Questions

In a massage parlor, the first thing the massage therapist will usually ask is 哪里不舒服(Na lib u shu fu)?, which means ”Where do you feel uncomfortable?” As you go along, the masseur will usually say something along the lines of 不合适就说(Bu he shi jiu shuo), which means “If it isn’t the way you want it, just speak up.” After all, they cannot read your mind.

They may ask if the water temperature is OK. That is 温度可以吗(Wen du ke yi ma)? They may ask if you want more hot water. That is 加点热水吗(Jia dian re shui ma)?They may ask if you want your nails cut and that is usually 想修脚吗(Xiang xiu jiao ma), literally means “do you want to repair the feet?”.

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