The Qualities needed for a high-class escort

A Beijing high class escort needs to be well-educated, gorgeous, and sexy,
someone who can dress up properly, carry themselves well and are able to hold decent conversations without stuttering, spluttering or making sheer fools of themselves. In addition, a high-class escort should have discretion, patience, and understanding. Being able to listen to a client and to what his needs are and be sensitive is essential.

It’s no good being a moody cow because she is in a bad mood, she is in a customer care role, from the moment he emails her or phones her up, until she has had the appointment and if she wants him to become a regular a friendly approach is needed. Also she has to be smart in appearance, and be polite as well. Manners cost nothing and they do go along way.

She will have to become a professional, one who is able to make the client laugh and has a good time all at a switch of a button. If she gets this combination wrong then this is a very unforgiving industry for her to be in.

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