Something About Incall Escort in Beijing

There is no denying that the incall escort girls in China can give you the most special services in the entire escort industry. It is not hard to find an incall escort(QQ girl) whom you can be with at any time of the day and any day of the week, but when you are planning to look for an incall escort girl, you may need to make sure that she can bring you comfort throughout the time together and make sure that she is the real person who is able to make your fantasies come to life.

it is not very easy to find a really nice incall escort girl in China, if you have not enough experience, you’d better pay more money to choose a large venue( massage places, sauna center, etc) to enjoy some special services you like which can help you reduce your loss. However, if you still like to choose an incall escort girl for enjoyment, I hope the following experiences can help you.

1. If the girl tells you that service first, payment second, then you can have a try, but, when you ask for getting a shower together and she tells you she has washed herself, then you can consider the facticity of her service. You know, all the incall escorts offer showering together. If she rejects to take a shower together, what other services can you expect from her in the following period? And also, that shows she pays no attention to her hygiene, then, would you still have any other desires?

2. If the girl tells you that she can provide many different kinds of special services, do not believe that. Most incall escort girls almost only can provide KJ(blow job) + ML(make love). Maybe you required these services on QQ and gained their promises that they would provide all these services within 2 to 3 hours, but when you reached their places you would find they were just lying on QQ! The fact is they only can provide 3-4 kind of services to you.

3. The photos on the website are usually very beautiful and sexy, and the prices for 2-3 hours are low. Most photos of these girls look like some famous actress or stars, do you believe that or can you believe that? Absolutely “No”, if you believe, you can go, then you will be stricken.

4. If you contact the girls via QQ, they usually will tell you their computers do not have the function of video call. Don’t think too much, it is definitely an incall escort scam. If you still want to be cheated, you can have a try, after getting in touch with them, you will find their service attitude is extremely bad.

5. You can see the location of the girl by QQ, if it shows that address is not local, will you still believe it is reliable? They are just employing one girl to talk with you, and the other girls meet you and provide the service for you.

In China, incall escort is the most concealed prostitution. If you aren’t in the position to receive someone and willing to be safer, you can go to a sauna center, massage club or to an incall location which you can find in an online advertisement. A sauna center, massage club are registered and probably officially licensed companies. An incall location is not registered, not checked and because of this, it becomes the most concealed prostitution in China. So actually you just don’t know what you are dealing with, hope you can have a nice experience!

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